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Hardwood floors are among the most popular and longest lasting floors you can buy. They give your home a warm, welcoming appearance and are easy to maintain. And with the advent of the prefinished wood floor, they can be installed without the sanding and urethane process all while increasing scratch resistance.

Mohawk Daltile

FloridaTile Marazzi

Replace your worn out carpeting with hardwood, and you will love how much easier it is to keep your floors clean! Plus, you will be enhancing your home's value should you decide you want to place your home on the market. Hardwood also can look stunning in a Kitchen, providing you take extra precautions around the sink and other areas susceptible to water. Hardwood floors typically last a very long time, and can be refinished to remove scratches and make them look brand new again.

Daltile: Porcelain
Pietre Vecchie: Champagne
Daltile: Ceramic
Salerno: Nubi Bianche
Mohawk: Ceramic
Del Norte: Sedona Camel
Florida Tile: Porcelain
Pristine: Alabaster
Marazzi Tile: Porcelain
American Heritage: Natural
Mohawk: Ceramic
Willow Glen: Cashew