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Refinishing a hardwood floor is a great way to dress up the appearance of your home! Years of wear to the finish can be removed, making your floor look like new again. It is also among the most challenging flooring tasks that can be performed, and requires immense attention to detail. While creating dust during the process is unavoidable, we take every precaution to minimize spreading dust into adjacent rooms not being refinished. Likewise, we clean the floor aggressively after the sanding process to have the absolute cleanest environment to start putting on the coats of stain and/or finish.

One important thing to remember is that the prefinished hardwood floors that we sell here in the store are finished at a factory, in a completely controlled environment far separate from your home. The finishes applied at the factory are chemically modified to be extremely scratch resistant. While that style of finish cannot be applied on site, our refinish teams will take the time to put several coats of a high quality urethane on. We take the time to let it properly cure in between, to provide the best looking and performing final product attainable with an onsite finish. We are well versed in standard oil finishes, water based finishes, and even special custom looks such as a white washed or "pickled" finish. Let our hardwood refinishers bring back the beauty of your wood floor today!