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Do you have a few pictures or a shelf that needs hanging? Maybe you have always wanted a second clothing bar hung in your closet, but never had the time to do it. Do you have a window sill that is rotting, or some molding that needs to be replaced? How about that new flat screen TV that you would love to have hung on the wall? We can help you with any of these things and so much more. With our experience in the remodeling field, there are very few things we have not seen and/or cannot fix. We also understand the relationship between the task at hand and its ultimate performance. As an example, a closet bar or shelf may simply come with drywall anchors to attach it to the side closet walls. We know that over time, and with enough weight, this is a recipe for disaster. We will carefully mount a wooden support structure into your closets studs to ensure it is fastened permanently, with no chance of falling down.