Welcome to Fillman & Sons


We offer high quality installation of every product that we sell. Our installers are skilled craftsmen, who have been in the remodeling field their entire lives. They do not take short cuts, and treat each installation as if they were creating a piece of art. Our installers pay attention to fine detail so as to ensure your ultimate satisfaction.

Having been in the home remodeling industry since he was 18 years old, Barry pays special attention to fine detail when he comes to your home and completes your estimate. He makes sure to note everything that is visible to the eye before the installation begins so as to minimize surprises during your installation. If and when our crews do have a question, Barry is only a phone call away. With his wealth of knowledge in all areas of flooring remodeling, carpentry, and construction, we are able to find answers to even the most challenging of situations. It is these situations that truly distinguish us from the rest of the pack!